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Delivering real value to sellers and buyers

Improve your work routine with the most practical and complete software on the market.

+5 Toneladas
CO2 saving

Our customers contribute to a reduction of 5 tons of carbon gas by adopting our tool.

Efficiency gain

EASYB2B clients have already transacted +R$ 900 million in their channels..

Platform adoption

EASYB2B customers have on average 99% recurring purchases on their channels.

+500 hours

EASYB2B customers have already saved +500 hours per FTE annually.

Productivity gain

EASYB2B customers have already saved on average +R$135 million.

The B2C buying and selling experience within B2B!

Import products easily and create a simple shopping experience through a smart shopping catalog, which through artificial intelligence makes searching, filtering and browsing products in multiple catalogs more efficient.

  • High-volume search and indexing of products and suppliers

  • Intelligent taxonomy to organize and classify products

  • Advanced and personalized search per user


Full control of your B2B operation!

Customizable interface that allows you to create and manage a unique ecosystem that perfectly meets your needs, whether for buying or selling. You have full control to configure the details of who, how and when transactions will take place within your channel.

  • Interface that allows users to organize and visualize all information

  • Track in real time the status of all orders placed within the channel

  • EASYB2B Order makes your ordering journey easier via email or WhatsApp


Turn your buying and selling routine into something easy!

Through a platform that connects all ecosystems into one we help buyers and sellers from industries, franchises, retailers, suppliers and distributors to offer the best B2B experience.

  • Easy integration with your ERP and CRM

  • Easy integration between suppliers and buyers

  • Entire B2B ecosystem centralized in a single environment


Enterprise B2B E-Commerce

Ajudamos compradores e vendedores de indústrias, franquias, varejistas, fornecedores e distribuidores a oferecer a melhor experiência B2B. Solução para quem compra ou vende em uma única plataforma.
B2B e-commerce

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Insights for your business

How Artificial Intelligence Drives Growth in the B2B Marketplace

The China In Box Journey with EASYB2B China In Box is an Asian food franchise that has conquered the taste buds of Brazilians and become the largest food chain of its kind in Latin America. With over 200 stores across the country, the brand faced complex challenges in managing supplies and ensuring product quality across all its franchises.

EASYB2B digitalizes business-to-business sales and has already transacted R$700 million

We are very proud to share that EASYB2B was highlighted in the media with the article entitled “Startup digitalizes business-to-business sales and has already transacted R$700 million“. The article highlights our achievements in facilitating transactions between companies and their suppliers, with an average growth of 140% per year over the past four years.

Improve your supply chain by following these 10 tips from our blog

An efficient and well-managed supply chain is essential to the success of any business. The way materials are sourced, produced, stored, and distributed can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, operating costs, and company competitiveness.

We help our clients deliver the best B2B experience and positively impact peoples lives.

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