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We help buyers and sellers from industries, franchises, retailers, suppliers, and distributors to offer the best B2B experience. Solution for those who buy or sell on a single platform.

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Complete buying and sales ecosystem

Have the ability to create and manage a customized ecosystem that perfectly meets your needs, whether buying or selling. You have full control to configure the details of who, how and when transactions will take place within your platform.

  • Permissions hierarchy
  • Integrated Platform
  • Financial Solutions
  • Custom Business Rules
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Flexible to buy or sell in several ways

Create your own smart catalog that is 100% customized to your needs and branded.

Custom Banner

Special features to boost sales

Control panel

Interface that allows users to organize and visualize all necessary information.

Easy tracking

Allows you to track in real time the status of all orders placed within the platform.

Easy quotation

Allows you to request information and prices on products or services from registered suppliers.

Easy Order

Easy B2B Order makes it easy for you to order via email or WhatsApp.


Easily configure your purchasing and sales environment to place orders automatically.

Online chat

Online chat tool for you to have and offer the best support in an integrated way.

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Keep the focus on your customers' experience while we take care of the complexity of integration

EASY B2B APIs allow you to connect multiple platforms and systems within the B2B buying and selling ecosystem.


Have an efficient relationship in the channels you are already used to and enable new ones quickly

Multichannel EASY B2B enables distributors, suppliers, buyers, and franchises to have more transaction volume.


Of all the problems in B2B buying and selling transactions, security is one of the most agonizing

The EASY B2B solution takes care of the infrastructure to ensure security across all your B2B transactions when dealing with multiple business partners.


The EASY B2B platform ensures data robustness and helps you with real-time actionable insights

Collect, verify, analyze, and derive actionable insights for your B2B channel without having to be a data expert.

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